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  • Garbage & Recycling
    The Town of Fort Winnebago does not provide garbage services, you will need to contract with a private carrier for pick up. Burning Barrels can be used in the Town of Fort Winnebago. Columbia County solid waster recycle website:
  • Columbia County Recycling & Waste Processing
    Columbia County Recycling & Waste Processing W7465 Hwy 16 Pardeeville, WI 53954 Phone: (608) 742-6651 Fax: (608) 742-6256
  • Portage Recycling Sites
    Hwy 51/16 at the Intersection of Highway P East end of Washington Street, across from the City Garage Highway 16 East across the Highway from the Pacific Town Hall (5 miles south of Portage)
  • What is the local school district for the township?
    Portage Community School District 2505 New Pinery Rd Portage, WI 53901-1132 Phone: (608) 742-2165
  • Who is the town's Fire Department?
    City of Portage Fire Department Website:
  • What is the nearest Hospital?
    Divine Savior Healthcare (Hospital & Emergency Room) Address: 2817 New Pinery Rd, Portage, WI 53901 Phone:(608) 742-4131
  • Why does the Township send out invoices for Fire Department Calls?
    The Township's Ordinance 10.06.2014 authorizes the township to bill for all fire call expenses. This includes 911 emergency responses to automobile accidents, fire department services, and fire calls within the township. The property owner or owner of the vehicle related the Fire Department dispatched to is responsible for the payment of the this service.
  • I didn't call the Fire Department why should I pay this bill?
    Whenever Columbia County Emergency 911 Operators receives a call related to an vehicle accident, fire, pr determine the Fire Department is needed for this emergency event they will automatically dispatch the Fire Department. This is standard operating procedures. The calls are not billed to the individual placing the 911 call, they are sent to the property owner or owner of the vehicle.
  • The Fire Department didn't even show up why am I being billed?
    Whenever Columbia County Emergency 911 Operators receive a call related to a vehicle accident, they will automatically dispatch the Fire Department. If the Sheriff's Department arrives on the scene of the accident and notifies the 911 Operator, they will cancel the Fire Department Call. The Fire Department may have already left the station, and are told to return, you will receive a bill for this expense.
  • Why doesn't the Township pay for Fire Calls, shouldn't this be part of my property taxes I pay?"
    The Township does not pay for the response calls, they are billed directly to the property owner. The Township Annual Budget covers Fire Department administrative expenses, equipment maintenance, and equipment replacement.
  • Fire Calls are expensive what should I do?
    Contact your insurance agent regarding your homeowners or business insurance policy to confirm that your policy will cover the Fire Department Call Costs. Some insurance companies will require an additional rider or attachment to your policy for this coverage.
  • Are ATV/UTV's legal on County Highways in Fort Winnebago?
    The attached pdf shows in March of 2022 what County Highways are restricted for ATV/UTV travel in the Town of Fort Winnebago.
  • Would you like to receive Town of Fort Winnebago emailed updates?
    Send an email to the Town Clerk at to be added to the email update list.
  • What if I want to do a controlled burn?
    Please notify both the Non Emergency Columbia County Dispatch Number and the Non Empergency Fire Department Number to notify them on the date/time and location of the controlled burn. You may also be required to obtain a burning permit. Message from the Fire Chef of the Portage Fire Department February 2, 2021 Prior to starting burning and/or burning permits. Contact the Columbia County Dispatch prior to open burning of materials, also contact the Portage Fire Department prior to open burning of materials. Why contact both before starting burning? If the fire department is dispatched to your address for a controlled burn a bill is generated for that response. Dispatch and Portage Fire Department are doing our best to alleviate this scenario, but sometimes depending on the 911 caller and their directions, it is difficult to know the exact location of the burn. This triggers a response that could be avoided. I know the DNR don’t even require a permit if the ground is snow covered but it is still very important to notify Dispatch and PFD. This is a change to the past requirements; the Fire Department is trying to avoid a bill from being generated.
  • How do home owners claim Lottery Credits?
    You are able to claim the Lottery & Gaming Credit if you are the owner of a home and used the home as your primary residence on January 1 of the year in which property taxes are levied. Here is the link for more information.
  • Who do I contact for Emergencies?
  • Who do I contact for Driveway Permits?
    For township roads, please contact the Town Chair. For county roads driveway permits contact Columbia County. For state roads drive way permits contact State of Wisconsin
  • Who do I contact for Town Road Issues?
    For town road issues, please contact one of the following individuals, Town Chair, Supervisor I, Supervisor II, or Town Clerk.
  • Who do I contact for Fire Number Sign (EMS) Replacements?
    For EMS replacesments please contact the Town Chair.
  • Who do I contact for Fireworks Permit?
    For a fireworks permit please contact Supervisor I. In the Forms Section there is a Fire Works Permit Form to complete to apply.
  • Who do I contact for a Special Event Permit?
    For a special event permit, please contact Supervisor I. In the Forms section of the website there is a Special Event Permit Form to complete to apply.
  • Who do I contact for Noise Ordinance Issues?
    For noise ordinance issues, please contact either Supervisor I or the Town Chair.
  • Who do I contact for Dog License?
    To obtain a Dog License Application Form and Dog License, contact the Town Treasurer.
  • Who do I contact to Add Agenda Items to Town Meetings?
    Please contact the Town Clerk a minimum of 7 calendar days prior to the meeting date.
  • Who do I contact for a Burning Permit?
    Burning permits can be obtained from the Portage Fire Department, or contact the DNR 608.935.1929 and notify Portage Fire Dept.
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